sms payment processing & pay per call

Hi. I’m h.shtia from , we going to talk about Sms payment processing
We are developing the next generation of payment processing Under SaaS model price
Our new solution Enables any Software or Mobile App or Web to Run in different SaaS model price

This type of operation allows flexibility for your customers,
And also gives more option to customer to make payment , We support in Sms payment and Phone Billing
your Customer can pay billing by use our Sms Payments System

How it Work for both Developers and Customer ?
Customer can pay the biling


sms billing

Customer can review the billing and download the invoice

Sms- payment billing

Sms payment gateway

Coverage & Payouts in 110 countries

110 countries, see coverage
27 different languages
44 different currencies
Easy to integrate

Pay Per Call

works from landline and mobile phones.

Available in 19 countries, 27 languages and 44 currencies

Pay per call

Download price list Pay per Call – Excel

Download price list Pay per Call -PDF

Check how to Integration

Software Desktop – Blog GuideAPI & SDK Documentation
Mobile Apps – Blog Guide + VideoAPI & SDK Documentation
Web – Blog GuideAPI & SDK Documentation
Video – Blog GuideAPI & SDK Documentation

accept more pryment grow your sales control your billing

Features dashboard

Billing Dashboard
Payment date – Time – payment amt- payment status – Payment methods – Clont Risky – billing invoice.

Real-Time Billing
Charge customer in real time in any platform on any devices.

SaaS Payment Gateway
Support all kind of payment.

SaaS Dashboard
Net revenue Revenue per user Revenue per hour fees Customer per month.

Revenue Analytics
Subscription & billing – PAY AS YOU GO. Custom billing reports with user/application usage in real-time. We support Credits Cards, PayPal, & Bit-Coin.

Application Analytics
Version tracking with daily, weekly, and monthly reports with the ability to create custom reports. View top platform, resolution, carrier.

Analytics and Tracking Dashboard
User loyalty / recency tracking, get info on app time usage, session tracking with data segmentation, rentention calculation statistics, location tracking.

Customer dashboard – come soon
Get profile Customer in real time – twitter, facebook, linkedin, google+, and other .

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