sell my software

sell my software

Hello I’m h.shtia from Xcopy Inc , today we going to talk about “How to sell my software Online/Offline”

Xcopy Payment SaaS allow to Integration SaaS model price onto your Software
We Support Dot.Net Platform

How it works ?
You decide how this works there are several ways
We provide SDK for C# and all platform


Software publisher “Developers”
all you need just to Install our SDK into your software
Click for guide  
Review same examples :
Customer can decide how to pay !!@@ 🙂
That mean they can select the Payment methods
for examples : credit card & Paypal &sms payment &stripe & Phone call billing and

also you can decide what Revenue Model best for you

for examples recurring billing :

Subscription & billing per – Monthly – week – day
Subscription & billing per – Time ? mean Customer can pay for time they use your Software

Or you can select other Revenue model

for examples :
Payment per download
Payemnt per License
All options in your hand you decide what the best for your Your Business

Features :

SaaS Dashboard
Net revenue Revenue per user Revenue per hour fees Customer per month .

Revenue Analytics
Subscription & billing – PAY AS YOU GO. Custom billing reports with user/application usage in real-time. We support Credits Cards, PayPal, & Bit-Coin.

Billing dashboard

Billing dashboard

Application Analytics
Version tracking with daily, weekly, and monthly reports with the ability to create custom reports. View top platform, resolution,

Application Analytics

Analytics and Tracking Dashboard
User loyalty / recency tracking, get info on app time usage, session tracking with data segmentation, rentention calculation statistics, location tracking.

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In next part we going to talk about each  Revenue Model and how  Integration


Xcopy Team – H.shtia CEO

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