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Today we going to talk about sell digital products online and offline

Build your audience with Xcopy

Application Analytics

Xcopy Paywall allow to sell all kind of digital products ( Under your Domain )
Make it your own

Start sell that on your Domain make you market place .

Embed Our SDK or API
We make it easy to include our SDK and API into existing blog or website. All you have to do is copy and paste a few lines of code.

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Start selling your digital products in seconds
Getting your work on Xcopy is super simple, so you can focus on creating
Easy offer codes

Give your customers discounts on your products with full flexibility, both as a % or fixed amount off. Learn more.
Pay what you want

Add a + sign to a product’s price to allow your audience to pay what they wish for your product.
Generate license keys

Selling software? Let Xcopy handle license keys for you — so you can focus on making your app even better.
Sell your products all over the world 🙂

Your audience lives around the world. Increase your conversions .
Sell multiple versions of a product

Allow buyers to pick between a PDF, ePub, or Mobi version of your book. Or ask your listeners to pay $10 more for lossless audio.
Rentals in a click

Offer your film for rent at a lower price. They’ll have 72 hours to watch it within 30 days.
Lightweight DRM

Make sure your products aren’t being shared. Beyond our built-in abuse prevention, you can turn off downloads for your product, or let us stamp a PDF you’re selling for each customer.

Run all recurring subscriptions and memberships
subscription payment options

Let your customers pay monthly or yearly — and get more revenue upfront.
Fixed length subscriptions

Want to sell a 3-month course? Combined with automated workflows,
License keys for selling software

Combine subscriptions with license keys to easily sell your software to your users.

Allow your customers to have access to a library of content for as long as they are subscribed.

Pay per View
Start chagre your Cusromre per View for your Video

Pay per Time
Now you can setup fix price per hure , and start sell – it support for Video and content
Learn from your data and get more features

With our dashboard you will get all data , start conrtol you sell Update price in real time
View data in real time , check all your orders
View who are your customers all this tools help to grow your sell 🙂


Billing Dashboard
Payment date – Time – payment amt- payment status – Payment methods – Clont Risky – billing invoice.

Real-Time Billing
Charge customer in real time in any platform on any devices.

SaaS Payment Gateway
Support all kind of payment.

SaaS Dashboard
Net revenue – Revenue per user — Revenue per hour – fees – Customer per month.

Revenue Analytics
Subscription & billing – PAY AS YOU GO. Custom billing reports with user/application usage in real-time. We support Credits Cards, PayPal, & Bit-Coin.

Application Analytics
Version tracking with daily, weekly, and monthly reports with the ability to create custom reports. View top platform, resolution, carrier.

Analytics and Tracking Dashboard
User loyalty / recency tracking, get info on app time usage, session tracking with data segmentation, rentention calculation statistics, location tracking.

Customer dashboard – come soon
Get profile Customer in real time – twitter, facebook, linkedin, google+,


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