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I’m h.shtia today we review the paywall games and check examples paywall games (in app purchase)

Why we need to add paywall in games ?
Start accept payment grow profit

Xcopy paywall games we start help to understand more about your user ( Customer ) and start accept payment to Increase profit

Paywall games platform

Our SDK run in all platform , Mobile apps – desktop games – Web games – Language support Html5 , Dot.Net ,C++ , Javascript , Java , to order new SDK Language send us

Payment method
Xcopy paywall games support over 4 method payment – Paypal – Sms premium – Phone call billing – Credit card ,

How to start accept payment?
We provider SDK for each platform & Guide for android Check Out also to learn more we provider API & SDK Documentation

Check Out price list for Sms premium – Phone call billing Click here

Features dashboard

Billing Dashboard
Payment date – Time – payment amt- payment status – Payment methods – Risky – billing invoice.

Real-Time Billing
Charge customer in real time in any platform on any devices.

SaaS Payment Gateway
Support all kind of payment.

SaaS Dashboard
Net revenue Revenue per user Revenue per hour fees Customer per month.

Revenue Analytics
Subscription & billing – PAY AS YOU GO. Custom billing reports with user/application usage in real-time. We support Credits Cards, PayPal, & Bit-Coin.

Application Analytics
Version tracking with daily, weekly, and monthly reports with the ability to create custom reports. View top platform, resolution, carrier.

Analytics and Tracking Dashboard
User loyalty / recency tracking, get info on app time usage, session tracking with data segmentation, rentention calculation statistics, location tracking.

Customer dashboard – come soon
Get profile Customer in real time – twitter, facebook, linkedin, google+, and other .

Paywall games  example

1 Build a ‘Predictably Irrational’ pricing strategy to bait users
One of the best known examples of this strategy is an old subscription model of The Economist magazine. They offered 3 different types of subscriptions:

Web Subscription – $59
Print Subscription – $125
Web and Print Subscription – $125
The first offer of $59 seemed reasonable. The second option (only print) seemed expensive. But the third option of both web and print for the same price as the print-only subscription seems to be like a super deal.

Dan Ariely, author of “Predictably Irrational” tested this phenomenon on a group of students. The results were:

Web Subscription – $59 (16 students)
Print Subscription – $125 (0 students)
Web and Print Subscription – $125 (84 students)
Total revenue: $11,444

In the next test the third option was removed, and the results were:

Web Subscription – $59 (68 students)
Web and Print Subscription – $125 (32 students)
Total revenue: $8,012, i.e. a decline of 30% in sales.

This is called the decoy effect, whereby consumers tend to have a specific change in preference between two options when also presented with a third option that is asymmetrically dominated – not often explored as an in app purchase model.

2 Offer a free trial extension if your in app purchase is a subscription model
A free trial extension works best on the segment of users that are pretty much active throughout their trial, but churn as soon as the trial is over.

Trakio, a cloud-based platform for Software As A Service (SaaS) companies to track their customer data, used the free trial extensions and increased their paid conversions by 33%.

According to their blog post, despite great feedback and love for the product, their conversion rate sucked. After segmenting their users into six categories, they decided to offer a free trial extension in exchange for a feedback.

They added one simple extension in the subscription plan screen which reads:

“Please tell us the reason you aren’t ready to start a subscription yet, and we’ll be happy to extend your free trial by 3 days.”

Based on the feedback, they resolved the issues faced by these users. By the end of this process, they received 27% more feedback and increased conversion rate by 33%!

3 Make your free plan good, but not too good
Hootsuite has a nice way of doing it. The free plan has plenty of features, a set number of social profiles and some basic analytics – all the normal user would need. But, as the number of profiles grows or if you start using it for your business, you will need more accounts linked, the ability to collaborate, and better analytics, and thus an upgrade.

Onboarding becomes easier with this model and so does customer engagement. Once the user is engaged and using the product to satisfy their basic needs, bring your in app purchase at that moment where the needs increase as their usage grows.

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