Paywall for all your needs

What is paywall ?

paywall System that allows to charge for online content Or Video and Image

Xcopy Paywall is SaaS paywall system that allow to start accept payment in just min’s we provider SDK and API for Integrate

Checking Click herePaywallSDK and API

What paywall Method we Support ?
Pay as you use Billing by time of use
Pay as you read Billing by reading
Pay as you Watch Billing by time viewing

What paywall Model we Support ?
Billing by time
Billing subscription – Monthly – Week – days
Billing by View
Billing by downloads
Paywall dashboard

 Paywall dashboard

What Method payment Support ?
credit card & Paypal &sms payment &stripe & Phone call billing and more …

What languages do you support ?
We can support any languages in client side , also our system translates for 12 languages

Which countries do you support ?
all countries are welcome:)

What kind of business not support ?
Gaming and Porn

We also provide for business support and for your customers In Email and Phone
you can order private SDK or API and dashboard

For start send us mail into hello[@] or Signup NOW