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Hi I’m h.shtia from Xcopy Inc , today we will review & talk about our new platform model

in app purchase software desktop ,

What is in app purchase software desktop ?

You can sell extra content Under different models  as subscriptions in apps on ,
for example sell more features sell Video stream , add to games Offer Unlockable Chapters

Making money with in-app purchases boils down to one question – why do we buy things?
I’ll give you a hint – it’s mostly about satisfying emotional and psychological needs. If you can understand how customer  think and needs from your software …

How it works ? make easy super easy to Embed Xcopy SDK into software desktop in app purchase

All you need just add 3 line into your software code or where you need from the customer start pay 

tutorial : the tutorial testing on software for record Screen

Tools as VS (Visual Studio) or any other Editor you like  , to start need to download  in app purchase SDK  and Sign Up

Add Xcopy dll files into your code ( software )

Reference SaaS

add using XCopySDK;

using xcopy sdk

the last step in add this code line

SDK SaaS c#


can define when show in app purchase for customer ( when the customer will pay )

Upgare plan SaaS


I this example we will give that for free record for 10 min’s after 10 min’s done the customer need to upgrade (Buy) , you can choose what SaaS model you want to sell from the Xcopy dashboard

Record Saas

From your dashboard will check and control the billing and revenue

Application Analytics

Price model for choose

billind saas
Subscription – monthly – week – day
Pay as you go / use
Pay per View
Pay per Download
Pay per Licence

you’ve got a leg up in your software – and that’s what this article is all about!
In next part article, I’ll cover 10 secrets that you can start using right away to make more money in your apps with in-app purchases. Here’s a few of the techniques you’ll learn:
How to use the decoy effect to anchor pricing
How to optimize your software & game for “whales”
And over 10 more tips!
Are you ready to start monetizing like the pros? Then let’s dive straight in!

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