Create different subscription price model for each Customer


Pricing is your most valuable strategic weapon as a subscription business, because it is directly tied to three fundamental growth strategies: acquiring new customers, increasing the value of existing customers, and reducing your customer churn. Subscription pricing is a necessarily complex endeavor. A static monthly subscription price can often be counterproductive. The one-price-fits-all days are over, as this approach turns off downsell opportunities and leaves money on the table from active users.

Here’s what can be done from This issue ؟

Xcopy build new saas model that allow to acquiring new customers , this rols allow to use new strategic to reach your target

How it works ?

Xcopy SDK ( Subscription model )

subscription model

Pay as you go or Pay as you use

It’s model base on time , Setup your price per hour
for example : you give free time trials for 30 days , after that your Expecting from customer to upgrade to you Subscription model and start pay 10$ monthly

But guess what this model does not work with most of your customers – here Xcopy model came . we give your customer new model that allow to use your software base in pay as you use model

if customer use your software for 10 min’s they will by for 10 min’s . if they start use your ones aweek for 15 by end of month the total is 60 min’s

if you setup price hour = $5 , So your profit is 5$

How it help you to reach your Subscription model for regular user it 10$
if your customer start use your software over 2 hour in monthly so to can ask him to upgrade to Subscription mdel base on 10$ monthly
or the Xcopy system can do the job for you 🙂
Subscription pricing strategies can be tiered according to functionality, discounted to incentivize bulk purchases, metered according to usage levels, or optimized to reward loyalty. They can be based on the time of day the service is used (this is popular with Xcopy Inc), adjusted to incentivize activity from particular geographic regions, term-based to lock in long-term commitments, or adjusted in cooperation with partner promotions. There are overage charges, free trials, virtual coupons, early bird offers, freemium to paid plays…the list goes on. We suggest starting simply with two or three basic surprising pricing tiers, and adjusting them over time as you learn from your customers. If you have an ideal price point, be sure to set another price above it to make it look more attractive.

This strategy addresses the more obvious needs of customers
The price is a major barrier to most customers
The new strategy gives you the customer to continue to use your software
And start grow your sales ,

Today’s situation can not be based on one business model of all your customers
Xcopy allow to Create different price model for each Customer

“Customer + Right price model + Right Payment Method = maximum profits”


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