Payment service ( Paywall Video ) for Publisher Video Services

Hey I’m Hussain shtia CEO Xcopy Inc , I wantd to interest you in our service we provide saas payment service ( paywall video ) for publisher video services and web app & mobile app

What is Xcopy Paywall Video?

Xcopy Paywall Video is a saas micro payment and paid subscription platform that enables publishers to earn additional revenue for their premium Video content. It’s easy to install, completely free, and has a simple registration for your viewers.

With the our technology that allows increasing video subscription
We do this with an adapter model for each client payments

Saas model we support
pay as you watch
pay as you use
pay per view
subscription – day -week – monthly

Case Studies
With Xcopy Inc , you can sell ANY type of content: text, videos, images, podcasts, links and digital downloads
Our unique solution is very easy to do integration with any kind Mobile App or Web App event we run that with software desktop

Why should I monetize my content directly?

Direct monetization can serve as a complement to your website’s existing streams of revenue. There’s no need to alter any of your existing revenue sources, such as sponsored content or banner ads.

Direct monetization with Xcopy Paywall also shows you which content your users value most, gives you an effective new source of lead generation, and helps you upsell other Video content to your most engaged users. Your top performing content can generate up to $20 per 1000 impressions. Compare that to ads, with only $2 on average per 1000 impressions.

We’ve learned that website visitors love to pay for good quality content but they want to do so in a simple, user-friendly way. Xcopy Paywall makes that possible.

We provider both API & SDK
Check our Web site for more info Documentation

What type of payments does Xcopy Paywall offer?

Xcopy Paywall allows publishers to choose between pay is you watch or single pay-per-Video content payments or paid subscriptions. Bloggers and publishers can offer both options to their website visitors. Pay-per-content means that users pay a single small fee (between $0.25 and $100) for each individual piece of video content they’d like to access.subscriptions mean that users pay a monthly or weekly fee (between $5 and $25) to access all of a website’s premium content.

We support Different payment methods
Paypal – sms payment – Credit Card
Our technology can identify customers and adjust their payments model
This enables you to increase the number of subscribers
I would be happy if we could discuss it in detail

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